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About the South Hampton Roads Chapter

The South Hampton Roads Chapter of Virginia Organizing meets every other month at 7 p.m. at Thalia United Methodist Church, 4321 Virginia Beach Boulevard in Virginia Beach. We have created issue teams so that folks can address their specific passions while standing in solidarity together in supporting each other on all issues of social justice that have been agreed upon by the chapter supporters. We are currently working collaboratively with like-minded allies on the issues of Health Care,  Economic Justice and Tax Equity, Immigration Reform, Affordable Housing, Jobs, Predatory Lending, Keeping the Ban on Uranium Mining, Transportation and Voter Protection/ Suppression Issues in the cities of Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk and Virginia Beach. What's the greatest need in your community? Please join us and find out how you can make a difference!

Care for Our Earth

By Ed Maroni The future of our Earth for coming generations is bleak if we of our present world delay taking strong action to remedy our Earth's struggle to provide us sustenance. Her resources on which all living creatures depend for survival are shrinking while the demand is increasing due to population growth. The impact of such a combination for living creatures will soon be catastrophic. Food and water will become a premium for which people will be scrambling to secure, resulting in more factory farms and, perhaps, synthetic foods. Our energy supply will be in much higher demand; so, destructive practices like fracking, the harvesting of tar sand and off shore drilling will increase. Drinkable water will be a premium people will do anything for (more uranium mining, chemical, coal and nuclear plants will pose a greater threat as actually happened to the residents just outside Charleston, W. Va.). The likelihood of military action to acquire these vital resources will be initiated. China is one example of a country low on its own resources to satisfy its population and now encroaching on other nations to obtain them. The situation is tentative but each one of us can contribute to a healthier planet by our change of lifestyle, by our mindfulness to engage more in  behaviors that decrease the obliteration of resources, and by making our voices heard in the General Assembly and in Congress.

South Hampton Roads Chapter: Chapter Highlights

December 2012 Update: In the month of December the South Hampton Roads Chapter of Virginia Organizing was extremely successful in securing fifteen local meetings with state legislators to build relationship and provide essential educational information on the issues of Affordable Health Care, Keeping the Ban on Uranium Mining, Predatory Lending, Immigration Reform, and a Balanced Approach in addressing Taxes and the Budget. More than 40 folks will travel to the General Assembly in Richmond on January 22nd to follow up on these meetings and hold our legislators accountable to all Virginians. Chapter members were also successful in securing a unanimous decision from the Virginia Beach City Council in passing a resolution urging the Virginia General Assembly to Expand Medicaid in Virginia.

Compost your leaves this fall

Icon October 8, 2014 - 16:40 by Ed Marroni Among other benefits, the fall season provides us with leaves, which have potential nutrients for the soil. So, instead of placing them at the curb to be picked up as waste, reap the gift they offer by composting them into nutrient-rich mulch! An easy method to create compost: use black plastic, 30- or 40- gal bags with a 3-mil thickness. These black bags absorb the sun's heat, thus speeding up the composting process. In each bag, place the leaves (shredded with a lawn mower), grass clippings (for nitrogen), 1 gallon of water, a shovelful of soil to provide digesting microbes, and one cup of lime (also known as agricultural lime—not the fruit!). Seal the bags with twine. Pierce the bags with a few small holes on each side. In case, over time the contents become dry add more water. Finally, stack the bags in a sunny or warm spot. They will need to be flipped over monthly. Depending on the condition and types of leaves, the compost will look dark and crumbly and no longer recognizable as leaves in 6-12 months. You can then use it in your flower or vegetable garden and enjoy watching the flowers bloom beautifully and the vegetables grow to great sizes. This effort helps our Earth by reducing the amount of processed fertilizer used.

Marroni: Who is affected by climate change?

Icon September 24, 2014 - 15:21 By Ed Marroni   In light of the recent People’s Climate March in New York City and around the world on Sunday, September 21st, we have been given space to consider the effects of climate change on our lives. But have you ever considered what population is most affected? The answer is our brothers and sisters who are surviving on minimal means! They are the ones suffering the most from the occurrence of hurricanes (like Katrina), flooding, intensive storms and droughts. Usually, they are the ones who experience the negative results of fracking, coal mines, toxic chemical plants, mountain top removal, oil drilling, etc. St. Francis realized this fact as far back as the 12th century. His love and concern for his less fortunate brothers and sisters led to his interest in and concern for the Earth! The Feast of St. Francis celebrated on Oct. 4th reminds us of our duty to care for God's creation, to assess how we contribute to climate change by our energy use and thoughtless consumption, and to change our choices and behaviors to favor the health of our Earth. The lesson is this: be aware that your actions contribute to the FUTURE well-being of our Earth while simultaneously indirectly providing care NOW for your brothers and sisters whose situation requires them to live a very simple life or less.

Care for Our Earth

Icon September 17, 2014 - 14:40 by Ed Marroni  The fall season is another chance to enjoy the awesome beauty and benefits of our wonderful Earth! Thanks goes to you who strive to preserve this wonder. Much misinformation is circulated regarding climate change and critical environmental issues by special interest groups, mainly the fossil fuel industry and those associated with it. The results include both confusion and the formation of unfounded positions about the issues.  The truth is not always easy to see! To enable us to learn how accurate our knowledge is on this topic, The Union of Concerned Scientists designed a brief quiz below, answers follow.    "Science facts from Science fiction" 1. Hotter temperatures by themselves will not endanger public health or welfare--science fact or fiction? 2. Fire-breathing animals actually existed so some scientists state-- science fact or fiction? 3. Deforestation is seen as a key contributor to global gas emissions--science fact or fiction? 4. Natural gas is essentially an emissions-free power source-- science fact or fiction? 5. There is no global warming in North America--science fact or fiction?   Answers: for questions # 1, 3, are science facts; questions  # 2, 4, and 5 are not science facts.  Go to to receive a "Got Science" sticker.

Virginia Organizing Shows Support for Medicaid Expansion in Portsmouth

Icon May 15, 2014 - 02:01 The South Hampton Roads Chapter of Virginia Organizing and other Portsmouth community members showed up to support Medicaid expansion at Virginia Senator Louise Lucas' town hall meeting on Wednesday night. Michael Kerner of Bon Secours spoke about the catastrophic effect on the Hampton Roads area if people do not get access to affordable health insurance coverage. South Hampton Roads Chapter leader Yolander Davis spoke with Delegate Johnny Joannou's legislative aid about expansion and then spoke at the town hall in support of Medicaid expansion.  For more photos, visit our Flickr page!

Virginia Organizing Chapters Raise Money for Social Justice!

Icon May 6, 2014 - 13:03 Over the last few weeks, Virginia Organizing Chapters have held fundraisers to support the social and economic justice work of Virginia Organizing. Our South Hampton Roads Chapter held a yard sale in Virginia Beach to support grassroots organizing. In Harrisonburg, the Chapter held a dance for social justice to raise money.  To see photos of these events, click here for the South Hampton Roads Chapter yard sale and here for the Harrisonburg dance fundraiser.  For more information on raising money for Virginia Organizing or making a donation, please contact Sally at or 434-984-4655. Thank you for your ongoing contributions to ensure a more just Virginia!