Andrea Jackson: June/July 2012 Leader of the Month

Andrea Jackson was introduced to Virginia Organizing as a college student attending a “Dismantling Racism” workshop and has been an active leader in Waynesboro since October 2011. During this time, she has worked on a variety of campaigns, but is most passionate about civic engagement and getting her local community involved in the policy-making process. She loves learning new skills, working on a diverse range of issues with Virginia Organizing, and helping others learn and grow.  

“People stay in power when they know what’s going on,” said Andrea. “I’m on a journey myself to understand state and local policy.” Because of her beliefs in education and empowerment, Andrea has worked with Virginia Organizing to register voters, keep people informed about what policy changes at the state level mean for the local community and provide information for others to become active in their communities. 

Most recently, Andrea has met with her elected officials about issues that are important to her and her community and continues to work to strengthen her chapter. She enjoys the confidence she gains every time she tries something new and hopes to empower others to take action in her community.