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Grassroots Gathering Registration Open!

We are now registering for the 2014 Grassroots Gathering! 

Why should you come?
Meet new people!
The Grassroots Gathering brings together supporters from all over Virginia. Spend a weekend with like-minded organizers, activists, leaders, and members from across the state.
Learn something new! 
You’ll learn about the issues, tactics, and philosophies that make Virginia Organizing a strong grassroots organization. With a focus on the idea of POWER and the development of non-legislative campaigns, the Grassroots Gathering's workshops, panels, and speakers will address the growth of strategic partnerships, the path forward on immigration reform, expansion of voting rights, building successful local campaigns, and many other important questions.
Have fun!
With more down time this year, the 2014 Grassroots Gathering will provide opportunities to relax, talk with friends (and make new ones!), go swimming, or read a good book. The conference center has an indoor pool, basketball court, volleyball net and beautiful gardens. Come ready to enjoy yourself!